Everything has a story or is a part of a story - sometimes a short story and sometimes long story -

this photograph was taken by Agustin Gotay - OK so I was asked by my friend Agustin Gotay if we could meet now that he is retired from his employment jobs (he has been and still is a real estate developer and entrepreneur in various fields of endeavor) if we could meet for lunch in the city and spend some time viewing or amongst some art and so during the course of the day which we spent part of the time in MOMA in Manhattan Agustin took some selfies of us and one of them was of me in front of a small car - I am actually not sure of the make of the car in the image - but then I posted this image on my facebook page and one of my nephews - Robert Lewis - make a comment on the image " that fiat behind you fits you Walter lol" and then I thought about that for a while and then I began to remember that there are many stories but here is one as a general overall response that I had so far to Robert's comment: that is an interesting idea Robert Lewis and it reminds me …

yes there is such.a thing as a force field - imagine that -

Image perhaps this will create the least destruction to property in the area and even be more impenetrable that anything else -

the only one - better take him seriously

it does strike me as very interesting that perhaps the only individual capable of constructing a wall barrier fence what have you that would be the most effective at the southern border of the US is the only person that members of Congress are preventing from actually taking on the task because he just might be able to show them how to accomplish such a task and for a lot less money that anyone else could have ever imagine - but so goes the political arena as it has for such a long time - the same type of waste of time and money was going on in Trumps back yard so to speak and he showed the government officials there some of his skill in producing a skating rink where no one else was able to make any progress at all - seems to me that all of the members of Congress are actually afraid of having him show them up and showing just how inept they are - so they won't even give him a dollar to do the work? But what is going to happen is that one way or another he will and has said tha…

perhaps the force field is not ready yet -

it does occur to me as I think about it a little bit further that the developments in the technology for a force field may not be sufficiently developed yet to take over the task of preventing everything unwanted at the southern border of the United States yet - so it just may be necessary to deploy a physical barrier usually referred to as a wall a fence or whatever in the mean time while we wait for the technology to catch up with the need since things cannot go on as they are - that is unacceptable - so as much as one may not want it - we can say that the cancer needs to be cut out or bombarded as long as another method of curing the cancer has not yet been fully discovered and begun to successfully implemented -

walls - fences - gates - and then force fields

perhaps there is a problem in today's dialog about how to solve the various problems and issues having to do with the southern border of the United States of America - perhaps you don't like to think that we are going to waste money on some antiquated concept of building a wall a fence or any such barrier that might eventually deteriorate and have to be repaired - maintained and then rebuilt again - or that won't even stop whatever these things are supposed to stop - so the real need is a force field that will not ever need to be repaired or fixed - that will do the job better than anything else and that will also take care of anything even attempting to dig under - around or even over it to transport drugs - traffickers and trafficked things as well as illegal aliens into the United States or even into any country from another country - this force field is the exact thing that needs to be created and then used - that should take care of all this that has been talked ab…